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Piano Scales Made Fun In 3 Easy Steps

Piano scales made fun in 3 easy steps

Without doubt practicing scales has always been an important part of developing piano technique. Establishing and keeping a firm and even tone, maintaining proper fingers and hand position and control, and finally learning the tonal material were always important goals for generations of pianists. However, for many reasons, practicing the scales is often not the most entertaining part of daily practice, neither for students nor professionals.

1 x Piano scales book
1 x Set of piano scales stickers
1 x MP3 audio CD


+P&P £2.50

Gift Voucher


If you know someone who might like a piano lesson or two, or maybe even a full term of lessons as a gift or present, let us know.

This is the perfect present for a child or adult and could be the encouragement they need, whether they would like to study for exams or just want a new hobby.

Once we receive payment for the number of lessons required, we will send out a gift voucher, either to you or the giftee.

The sessions will take place at Windsor Piano School at a mutually convenient time. All the recipient needs to do is get in touch with us to organise lesson times, turn up and enjoy!

Once you get in touch, we can organise everything. Payment is accepted by bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Contact us now for the perfect gift.

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