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Vlatko Ivanov

Saxophone Teacher

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Saxophone Teacher - Vlatko Ivanov

Vlatko Ivanov

Saxophone Teacher


Born to a musician family in Macedonia, Vlatko Ivanov showed his love to music at early days. When he was just seven years old, Vlatko took his first piano lesson. He attended a specialist Primary School for musically gifted children, studying piano and saxophone. After finishing Primary School, Vlatko continued his music studies at the Music School of Stip, Macedonia.

In 2004 he graduated as a Saxophone Performer at Ss”Kiril & Metodius” University of Skopje – Macedonia. Here, Vlatko completed his Masters Degree in Woodwind Performance (Saxophone).

Despite from his wide and busy performing career, Vlatko has over five years’ experience in the educational system of Macedonia as a Qualified Music teacher.

Since 2013 Vlatko has been living in United Kingdom and worked as a saxophone teacher in different schools.

Vlatko is delighted to have been given the opportunity to share his experience and his love to music with students at Windsor Piano School.