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Edita Stankeviciute

Principal Piano Teacher

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Principle Piano Teacher Edita Stankeviciute

Edita Stankeviciute

Principal - Piano Teacher


Edita was born to a family of musicians. At age seven, she was registered to a music school for gifted children, where she was studying classical piano till she was sixteen. Having finished the school with the highest grades, Edita entered the State College of Music named after J.Tallat-Kelpsa in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania.

Edita’s College teacher was talented professor and piano performer, M.Radvilaite who had graduated with honours from the State Moscow Conservatory. She passed on her experience in the piano performance and pedagogy to Edita. While in College, she played the world’s best classical repertoire of both Russian and foreign composers: Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Scarlatti, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, and Scriabin.

Edita also performed piano concerts. During the years of tenacious study, Edita has mastered and perfected the performance skills as well as acquired fundamental knowledge in child psychology, pedagogy and various techniques of teaching piano. Having studied successfully for four years, Edita graduated from the State College of Music with the Diploma of music teacher and performer (Bachelor of Arts in Music).

After graduation from the J.Tallat-Kelpsa Music College in Vilnius, Edita continued studies in classical piano at the Lithuanian Music Academy. She studied with professor A Staskus, receiving a Master’s degree in music.

Edita started teaching her first students while being in Music Academy, after which she decided to be a teacher and to continue performing piano. She was invited to work as a pianist with the Opera and Ballet Theatre and on Lithuanian television in the City of Vilnius, Lithuania. There she performed as a solo pianist, a pianist with orchestras, as well as an accompanist to singers, choirs, and ballet. While performing at the theatre and on television, Edita worked as a teacher in a music school, teaching children of different age groups. With twenty-year pedagogical experience, Edita created her own method of teaching piano, based on the best Russian traditions of piano school as well as the latest achievements in music pedagogy.

Edita considers each student to be unique and believes that communicating with the student is important and his/her needs must be met. That is why she believes in an individual approach, and that patience and love are the most important things of successful teaching. With this teaching philosophy, she helps students acquire the piano skills very quickly and easily, and prepare for concerts and exams. Quite often, Edita’s students have been among the winners of various competitions, and many of them have become teachers and performers.

Since 2001 Edita has been living in London and worked as a piano teacher in different schools. She is happy that she has the opportunity of doing what she loves most and enjoys continuing to help students discover the beautiful world of music.