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Andrei Pytaleu

Piano Teacher

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Piano Teacher - Andrei Pytaleu

Andrei Pytaleu

Piano Teacher


Andrei is the son of a classical composer and university piano professor and as a talented child, he won a place at the Secondary Specialised School of Music in Minsk. Later he graduated from the Conservatoire in Minsk with a triple diploma (Masters degree) as a concert performer, accompanist for instruments , voice, and piano teacher.

Over the years, he has performed around the world, and won numerous awards at International  Jazz & Music Festivals in Russia, Belarus, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania and Switzerland.

Andrei has worked for the National Opera House, Minsk, Belarus as an accompanist, and during this time, he also accompanied a variety of rehearsals, from the “Nutcracker” and “Swan Lake” to the modern music of Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Budko and F. Pytaleu.

Andrei is the fourth generation of piano teacher and since 1985, has been teaching students of different levels and varied abilities. In 1989 he worked as the Assistant Music Director for the Central College of Music in Minsk, Belarus, and taught both classical and jazz piano. He has advised and consulted with the chamber ensembles at the colleges, such as piano trio, piano quintet and jazz combo groups.

Andrei is now settled in the UK with his family. He is currently teaching Piano, jazz improvisation and music theory at St Christopher School, where his students enjoy studying classical composers and playing duets of his own composition. He is capable of developing disciplined, descriptive and ensemble skills in others, in a practical and logical way that is stimulating, enjoyable, helping students to achieve their full potential. Andrei is a creative and enthusiastic piano teacher who is passionate about the development of young performers. He relishes the opportunity to bring his eclectic experience to Windsor Piano School.