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Alena Hnidkova

Piano Teacher

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Piano Teacher - Alena Hnidkova

Alena Hnidkova

Piano Teacher


was born in a little mountain village in the Czech Republic where at an early age she became known as “the young talented pianist”, playing and singing at numerous concerts and participating in many piano competitions.

Alena was soon accepted at the Prague Conservatoire, where she also studied for her Masters Degree. She was taught by such renowned professors as Frantisek Maxian and Michael Rezek and she successfully completed her studies, playing (among others) Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin. To some extent this pushed the boundaries of the classically orientated conservatoire.

Alena is an extremely experienced concert pianist, and has performed at the most famous concert halls in Prague, as well as at various music events in London. She frequently offers recitals.

She gained her first piano teaching experience during her studies and became a passionate piano teacher who likes to combine hard work of piano learning and practising with a fun approach of discovering the depths of music. She believes that improvisation, creation and visualisation are as important as music theory, literature and form.

In 2011, Alena was delighted to be offered a teaching position at Windsor Piano School and hopes to excite her students with the wonderful world of piano music.