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Adult Learners

No Matter The Age Music is For Everyone

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Adult Learners

We have numerous adult learners. Some students play for enjoyment only and others take their exams. All range from beginners to advanced.

Learning to play the piano offers a lot of benefits.

Playing an instrument can help relieve the stress of everyday life. Music is one of life’s simple joys; it helps calm the mind. For many adults, learning to play the piano is a great way to help alleviate stress, stimulate the mind, improve coordination, and promote an overall sense of well-being. After a long hard day, it’s great to relax and express your emotions with the soothing sounds of a genuine acoustic piano. The importance of learning to play the piano has been well documented to promote physical rehabilitation in people of all ages. It is like learning another language and the satisfaction you will feel after learning your first piece is priceless.

Playing the piano is fun, and opens up a lot of good possibilities that will enrich your life.

The Benefits of Music

A video on how playing an instrument benefits your brain!