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Jazz Workshop

Workshop For Classically Trained Piano Teachers & Jazz Improvisation Course

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Course 1

Jazz Workshop For Classically Trained Piano Teachers

Piano pieces Grades 1-8 ABRSM and Jazz ABRSM

The workshop is for a limed time only. From 30th, 31st July and 1st August 2018. 10am - 2pm

Workshop covers:

  • How to teach to play Jazz music
  • Styles of Jazz music
  • Swing and straight quavers
  • Working with accents
  • How to find the accents if it’s not written
  • Walking bass
  • A difficulties student will meet with…
  • And more…

Andrei Pytaleu

Piano Teacher - Andrei Pytaleu


Andrei is the son of a classical composer and university piano professor and as a talented child, he won a place at the Secondary Specialised School of Music in Minsk. Later he graduated from the Conservatoire in Minsk with a triple diploma (Masters degree) as a concert performer, accompanist for instruments, voice, and piano teacher.

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Course 2

Jazz Improvisation Course

Elementary Grade 1-2-3

The workshop is for a limed time only. From 30th, 31st July and 1st August 2018 from 3-7pm

Workshop covers:

  • Basic understanding of triads
  • Chords, moods
  • Basic chords progression
  • Easy play solo on Blues and Boogie
  • Improvisation easy play style
  • Standard blues triads
  • And more…

The workshop will be lead by worldwide renowned Classical and Jazz pianist Prof. Andrei Pytaleu.

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