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Welcome to Windsor Piano School

Windsor Piano School opened its doors in November 2008 and developed an excellent reputation very quickly. It is the best choice of highest quality piano instruction based on the Legendary Russian System. We offer private piano lessons for eager students of all ages ranging from beginners to advanced learners.

Here, at the Windsor Piano School, we introduce students to our unique Russian Piano method. This technique is suitable for all levels and all ages and is perfect for children. We focus on hand position, fingering, as well as posture and quality of sound. This piano method works superbly for people who choose music as a career, as well as for those who want to play the piano for pleasure. 
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The piano provides a ready made opportunity to perform, performing is important for everybody. If practised regularly it builds confidence.


The guitar is one of the more versatile instruments. It can stand alone and can be used as part of a rhythm section or accompany vocals.


There are more violinists used in symphony orchestras, chamber orchestras and other ensembles than any other stringed instrument.


Playing the drums is great fun. No matter your ability level, it’s a highly enjoyable way of awakening primitive rhythms.


Flute can be flexible & go with many music genres. The flute has evolved into a number of different kinds – from bass to alto among others.


Saxophones are probably most recognised as a Jazz instrument, but this is not the only genre that they are featured in.


Singing is a natural and global form of human expression & singing can improve your speaking voice with more clarity and confidence too.

5 Star Rating!

Amazing school, the head teacher Edita ensures that everything is top quality and all the teachers that she hires of also of an amazing standard. Very friendly and good for both the casual hobby pianist and for those who want to rise to the top and study with the ABRSM degrees. I couldn’t recommend this school more.


5 Star Rating!

Excellent teacher and I could not recommend this piano school more highly. They have brought my daughter along and I’m so very impressed with her achievements to date. Edita makes sure that the technique for playing is to a first class level which will be a true bonus in the future. She deals wonderfully with my daughter who loves playing and equally enjoys going to her lessons, that alone is testament to Edita’s teaching!

Paul Fogg – Parent

5 Star Rating!

Windsor piano school has very high standards.
Edita is very patient and goes the extra mile for her student.
My three boys attend lessons. I strongly recommend the school.

Sevgi Gerrard – Parent

5 Star Rating!

After moving to Windsor piano school my girl (10 years old) got here first distinction for grade 7 which only took her 10 months. Before she only passed her previous grade with a local teacher. I don’t know whether my girl will carry on with piano but she is learning how to be meticulous. That helped my girl’s school work tremendously. That is the reason why my two children are in Windsor piano school.

John Kelly – Parent

BBC Young Musician 2016

BBC Young Musician 2016 Finalist

Harvey Lin

Harvey Lin

Age: 13

Sonata in Cm K457, 1st movt

Scherzo no.1 in Bm, op.20

Prelude op.32 no.12 in G#m

Harvey comes from Bracknell and started learning the piano since he was seven. He has always wanted to be a concert pianist and has won numerous prizes and awards. In February 2015 Harvey became the youngest LRSM Diploma holder in ABRSM history. He is a year 8 student and enjoys maths, French and Latin. Harvey also likes cross country, chess and table tennis.

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